Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Asia Investment Education Overview

Asia Investment Education - Trends
Investors in Asia and Asia Pacific are getting increasingly sophisticated in the knowledge of investment know-how, strategies and stay up to date with financial instruments. However, it is still the US and UK which begins innovating and coming up with new financial products. For example, Asia only recently introduced CFDs and carbon trading, replicating their western counterparts. Likewise, the general Asian population tends to educate themselves based on the investment instruments available to them.
Asia Investment Education - Corporate vs. Retail
Very broadly, there are 2 groups of investors - Corporate and Retail. Most financial institutions conduct their own in-house training, hold conference calls and send email updates to educate their employees. They also have access to research reports of investment analysts, senior employees who share their experiences as well as other corporate expensed services. For the Retail investors, they are usually left on their own to read books, or search the internet for resources to learn and guide their investment decisions. Many of them have left the finance industry and thus are not able to "feel" the market as well.
Asia Investment Education - Seminars
One other channel which is increasingly popular in Asia is the attending of Investment Seminars. There are numerous vendors in the cities of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Japan who teach retail investors how to invest. Topics cover a wide range from stocks, funds, options, futures, warrants, forex, and even alternative investments such as property and wine. The downside is that such seminars are often very expensive, averaging US$2k for a 3-day seminar. Many retails investors also fall prey to get rich quick vendors as the industry is highly unregulated.
Asia Investment Education - Effectiveness
The learning curve to investing is steep for a newbie investor and one will need to do his research to seek out the best trainers. A cheaper alternative to physical seminars will be online seminars or webinars, which are often only a fraction of the price. Many online vendors also sell their products in digital form, where you can download audio, videos and e-books for your investment journey. All these resources and training are just tools; it is up to the individual investor to hone his understanding to leverage on these tools for maximum returns.
Asia Investment Education -Conclusion
Global financial markets are evolving rapidly every day; while Asia still lags behind the Western Nations in investment sophistication, the gap is also closing quickly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

U.S., South Korea to stage joint drill next month

U.S., South Korea to stage joint drill next month

India moves closer to bringing in first nationwide indirect tax

India moves closer to bringing in first nationwide indirect tax

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Travel to Asia and Experience the Difference

Asia is a place offering invitations to all for experiencing different cultures, places, traditions under one sky. Going to Asia is a pleasing pleasure as we come across all the wonderful things that are offered by this continent.The difference between the Asian countries and other countries has a huge discussion.
Traveling is a hobby that can be enjoyed the most, there are lots many places in the world to travel around. Some are good in Religion, some in Culture, some in Tradition and these topics have no end. Travel indicates experience, fun, enjoyment, learning and many more which makes the lives more innovative and encouraging. So learning can be a major part of traveling. We can learn many a things while traveling and this is because of the place and its culture.
There are many places in this world and every one of us has a preference set in our mind we want to travel to. Many people set places based on there area of pleasure, depending on their choices, tastes, Preferences and most of all the area of interests and select the Countries that overall have some sort of specialization in it. Mind well, this specialization matters a lot.
Asia as a continent has many countries and cultures in it having different kind of functional area. There are many countries in Asia we are going to focus on. Here we have briefed some of the most visited and highly pleasure providing countries of Asia.
Among different attractions of the world, theCoral Reefs are the most thrilling and dashing experiences as they provide the underwater experiences with greater amusements and experiences
It is the country coming under the head of Asia. This country has the highest number of population in the world. China has different culture followed by similar, simple and down-to-earth behavior. The language spoken in china is same all over. The country has got greater loyalty towards the traditions and natural beauties. Visit to the country offers many of the special memories that can create lifetime pleasure for the visitors.
Japan is the country giving rise to high level of technologies and has brought drastic changes in the technological world. The people over here are humble and they follow the famous proverb said in English "Preach what you learn". This country is also called the "rising sun" country. The development of the nation after Second Word War has been magnificent and remarkable.
Singapore is the country with loads of business opportunities and massive options for financial growth. The nation is attracting larger number of tourists every year. The sceneries, helpful nature of the locals and the residual systems of the nation are quite popular. The proverb well suits Singapore is "Gaining is giving".
Maldives is a place called as the "heaven on the earth". This is a place full of beaches and culture and followed by luxurious resorts. Maldives is one of the most visited tourist destination in Asia. The proverb suit this place is "A big tree attracts the woodsman's axe".
India is a country full of humanity. There are number of languages spoken in this country. The spicy India food is a lavishing factor. Three climates are offering amazing change to the visitors and are also offering the world class facilities and spectacular sight seeing. The proverb well suits this place is "A picture worth thousand words."
Ellora cave is one of the finest instance of cave temple architectute.though it was constructed centuries ago,its magnificent carving architecture is not subjected to time.
So this was just a small go through of the Asian Countries and their specialties. And these countries have got much to serve. Many people simply gets attracted towards its 'Simplicity'.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

India military delegation arrives in China

BEIJING: An Indian military delegation arrived in Beijing on Sunday for a six-day visit, an Indian official said, marking the resumption of defence ties that were frozen for a year over a visa dispute.
The eight-member delegation, headed by Major General Gurmeet Singh, will visit the Chinese capital and the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang, a senior Indian defence official told AFP earlier.
A spokesman for the Indian embassy in Beijing confirmed the delegation arrived Sunday afternoon but could not provide details on their itinerary or with whom they would meet on the Chinese side.
India suspended military exchanges in July last year after Beijing refused to provide a proper stamped visa to the then head of India’s Northern Army Command, which controls the region of Indian Kashmir.
China controls a sliver of Kashmir and regards the region, which is also split with Pakistan, as disputed territory. India has been angered by its practice of providing special stapled visas for visitors from Indian Kashmir.
“We decided to pause defence exchanges because of these differences of opinion,” a second source in the Indian government told AFP previously on condition of anonymity.
“There were still phone calls and other contacts, but now with this visit we are seeing the resumption of normal, full-scale military exchanges,” said the official.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Experience Asia through Reliable Asia Travel Package

Being a continent that is full of wonder, Asia has so many fascinating countries and regions to explore. There are a variety of festivals that can be found all through each country. One of these festivals is Thailand's Fruit Festival which takes place every May. If you are planning to visit Asia, there are lots of must see places and serene vacation options to choose from. You may choose to see some tourist spots like the clean and clear beaches in the Philippines and Thailand, historic temples in Malaysia, palaces in China, memorial parks in Japan and leisure parks in Hong Kong.
When searching for an Asia travel package, it is sensible to check some travel agencies or to search the Internet. Most travel packages are widely accessible online and lots of it includes access to a flock of activities all along with accommodations. Typically, travel experts are well-trained, reputable and highly skilled in their field. To be able to find inexpensive travel deals, you may consider availing the skills and expertise of these travel experts. Since they are already experts in their fields and have lots of connections in their sector, you will find that they can really help you save a few bucks as you look for inexpensive travel means and deals.

Availing of an Asia travel package is oftentimes the most cost effective way in getting into your chosen destination. Traveling is the most excellent way to get away from life's bustle and hustle. If you're planning to escape from life's bustle and hustle, you must schedule out a holiday or a vacation in advance. You can choose the best Asia travel package by searching online. There are lots of travel deals to choose from. It will aid you obtain the best deal. However, you must, of course, take into consideration lots of things while selecting a travel package and you should plan your vacation.
Before selecting an Asia travel destination, you must consider your budget and places that you would like to visit to keep away from any last minute changes. One thing that you should not forget is your first aid kit. Take it along with you so in case you meet an accident while you are traveling, you will be able to prevent any injuries or wounds that you or your colleagues may have.
Exercising all the basic precautions while you are traveling and you can definitely avoid facing any issues at a later phase. No matter where in Asia you'd be heading to, exploring the different countries in this vast continent always open up new experiences especially for Western tourists. Make sure to speak with a travel agent when crafting your Asia travel plans so that you will be able to avail the most inexpensive travel packages.
If you want to have more knowledge about travel guides, you can search for details online. The Internet can help you find what you need to know in a short span of time. These guides can help you land on the best Asia travel package that you could possibly have.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel advice for South East Asia

Getting There
South East Asia is an exotic location and draws millions of travellers there each year. Looking for adventure, fun and relaxations - the region has much to offer everyone. Steeped in history and tradition, it is a beautiful place to visit. However it is usually a long haul journey for most travelling from western countries and so organising transport my be difficult.
You will most likely fly to your destination and the cheapest and best option is to fly to the best connected airports in South East Asia. They are to be found in Bangkok, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. They will have the best connections and more frequent flights to and from there so it will be much easier for you to travel there first. From these cities you can either stay a night to rest from your long flight which could have been over 12 hours. You can then take regional airlines to your next destination as they are relatively cheap.
The best places to find cheap flights to South East Asia is online and it is wise to book at least 3 months in advance for cheaper fairs. Also try looking for fares on a Tuesday as this is when most new offers are introduced. For regional airlines try Air Asia - the local budget airlines with headquarters in KL.
When arrived in South East Asia, you can also travel by bus or train. This is because it is cheaper than a flight and most smaller cities won't have an airport. It is also a good way to immerse yourself in the local culture.
About the region
Getting used to a new place is often the best and most frightening experience of any holidays. There is no need to worry though as long as you are wary and accustom yourself to the local laws.
For example when visiting local holy places of worship, women and men should cover as much skin as possible to show respect. These countries are usually also more conservative so it is a good idea not to show too much display of affection in public. The penalties for drugs possession is also much harsher in Asian countries ranging from long jail sentences to the death penalty, even more small amounts.
All in all, Asia is a wonderful region to visit and should be on everyone's list of destinations to visit. Just obey and respect the local customs and traditions and you will find South East Asia an enchanting place to visit.